The Beginning of Lake Erie Woodturners


     As a member of four clubs, in the state of Ohio and Pennsylvania,  the closest being 62 miles, one way and the furthest 187 miles one way,  I decided to attempt to start this local club in Ashtabula, OH. I  started talking to as many people as I could in the local area to see if  there might be enough interest in starting this local club. I started  doing some research to find out what I needed to do to create a club and  what was required to become a chapter of the AAW. It didn’t take too  long to come to the conclusion that it was going to be very difficult to  do this on my own. Being associated with the owners of Bridge Street  Art Works and with some advice from Judy and Anzietta of the Art Store  I was referred to the then CEO of the Goodwill in the Ashtabula Harbor,  Eric Schwarz. After meeting with Eric and discovering he is an avid  woodturner, we decided to go forward and try to establish a club called  the Lake Erie Woodturners.


     Our first meeting was held at the Ashtabula Art Center on W.13th Street in  Ashtabula, OH. There were 19 attendees at our first meeting including  Pro turner and master wood worker, Ernie Conover, Pete Wade and retired  industrial arts teacher Joe Herrmann. With their support the Lake Erie  Woodturners was on the way to becoming a recognized turning club in  Ashtabula county, OH.


     After about 3 or 4 meetings we held our first elections and voted in a board of directors, Pres., Ron Tomasch,  VP, Eric Schwarz, treasurer, Bob Sampson, secretary, Isabel Quayle, and  three members at large, Joe Herrmann, Jolene Schwarz and Kyle Foote.  After the board was elected the club started collecting club dues and  effective as of the date of this bio the club has 16 paid members in  good standing. 


     In  December of 2018 we filed the necessary forms to the Ohio Secretary of State to  become a registered nonprofit corporation within the state. On December  27th,  2018 we were notified that our club had been approved and we were  granted a certificate as a Registered nonprofit corporation known as  the, “Lake Erie Woodturners”, effective January 1, 2019. 


     Thanks  to Eric Schwarz, Ernie Conover, Pete Wade, Isabel Quayle, the existing  board and all of the members of Lake Erie Woodturners this club is now a  recognized wood turning club in Ashtabula Ohio with the expectation of education and growth in the art of woodturning. 

Ronald R Tomasch, President, LEWT